We have simulated the tsunami generated from the M 7.1 – 40km SSW of Acari, Peru (15.776°S, 74.744°W, depth=36.3 km, M = 7.1 at 09:18:45.070 UTC according to USGS) on January 14, 2018. The assumed tsunami source is located within the aftershock area (Fig. 1). The fault length and width are 50 km × 25 km. The focal mechanism is strike=314º, dip=39º, slip=92º from the USGS’s W-phase moment tensor solution. The top depth of the fault was assumed to 10 km. The average slip on the fault is 1.0 m. The seismic moment is 5.934 x 1019Nm (Mw = 7.1) assuming the rigidity of 5 x 1010N/m2. (see report).